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"Candles and personalization of objects"

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Target audience :
intermediate and professional.

the trainee must have followed the “Beginner henna, glitter and Jagua” training course 0U, justify a level of mastery in making natural henna tattoos.

Goal :
• Acquire the methodology and know-how of personalizing candles and objects using henna drawing techniques.

Duration :
a day, for a total of seven hours.

Rate :  the cost is 320€ net

Training program :

Day 1 :

• Theory and discovery of the material

• Study of paints and supports

• Practice on different media

• Calligraphic techniques and methods

• Creation of drawings and colorimetry

• Study of steps and pause time

• Theoretical course "maintaining equipment"

Evaluation :

the trainee is evaluated on the first day of training on a set of practical exercises, on various objects.

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