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“Beginner Henna, Glitter and Jagua”

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Target audience :
debutante. Nevertheless, the training is accessible at all levels (intermediate and professional).

No prerequisites are necessary to integrate this training.

Goals :

• Acquire the basics of tattooing with natural henna, glitter and Jagua

• Acquire the techniques and know-how of henna tattooing

Duration :
two days, seven hours a day, for a total of fourteen hours.

Price: the cost is 640 € net

Training program :

Day 1 :

• Theory and History of Henna, Jagua and Sequins

• Learning how to make the paste and the henna cone

• Theory and legislative standards on products

• Study of the different basic patterns

• Putting into practice (exercises on sheets and/or practice hands)

• Transfer method and practice of Jagua


Day 2:

• Theoretical evaluation

• Familiarization and maintenance of equipment

• Techniques and methods of positioning on hands and feet

• Learning the different henna application techniques

• Practice with henna and sequins

• Realization of light and loaded models

• Final evaluation (model loaded with henna on training hand)

Evaluation :
the trainee is evaluated on the second day of training first on the theoretical courses (40%) then on the practical courses (60%). The sum of the two ratings is the final rating.

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